"Lay down your head you;re not alone, anywhere you go I'll follow.. We are the children of the sun thats all you need to know."

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Anonymous: Faisal pleaaaaaase make more youtube videos <33

Hahaha I would, but I dont get enough viewers :( come out of anon and I promise id make one especially for u haha

My pyramid is almost complete.. NYAHAHAHAHAHHAAH

A lil fun mash up, love the place! @bouncemideast keeping it light n fun as always!

🙈🙈🙈 @jma52 shu rayik?

First attempt at a side flip thanks to @the_m6 for teaching 😂😂

Florence, Italy. It&#8217;s so amazing how someone who you spend so little time with can impact your life so hard when they&#8217;re gone. Dedicato al mio sole e la luna, Cristina.

LOOOL what a guy would do for a night

Many chicks nowadays be like..

LOOOOL 😂😂😂 @akashraq say deck

LOL i dunno why, but Shaq reminds me of @jma52 isnt that right? @salmansrt8

@nartlash doing some mean double front flips! @bouncemideast

Bounce ❤️ @bouncemideast